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2GIVE is the next generation PoS based cryptocurrency, designed to support socially responsible stewardship. The crypto and the blockchain are supported by the Strength in Numbers Foundation, a non-profit foundation. Donating to a charity can often mean donating a percentage to payment processing companies or other intermediaries, while revealing your financial and personal information online. With 2GIVE, this process is 100% secure. Suppose, you donate 10 cents or a thousand euros or other fiat, the recipients get it all, directly and securely without intermediary parties. In the process you are rewarded (TXFEE), through a transaction fee of 1%, because you use transactions and the network to keep it safe. A reward that you can earn yourself by running the wallet, which you can download from the website!

“It’s Better 2Give”

2GIVE makes it easy to support your favorite non-profit or pro-social cause and can be used to forward it through social tipping with the 2GiveCoin. The coin is a hybrid cryptocurrency that benefits from the open source and transparency of bitcoin, but instead of just using PoW it also uses PoS. PoS stands for Proof-of-Staking and makes it possible to earn crypto with your computer without using it for mining.

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“The innovations of Bitcoin and it’s alternatives are amazing, unprecedented and growing at an exponential pace: our aim is to capture this momentum to make the 2GIVE community an active platform for charity and a hub of social awareness.”

Strength in Numbers Foundation generated the 500 million coins in the first 500 blocks of the blockchain through a worldwide seed node network. New coins are generated through the staking process, allowing crypto holders to repay themselves 5% per year of inflation monthly, while network users can compete for the 1% transaction fee, which is part of each transaction.

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