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Introducing Buzz and more…

Hi CoinCompanions, to keep you up to date with our announcements, news, feeds etc. we introduce Buzz. With Buzz we share on what we we’re working and our latest website- and company development updates. For example, adding new brokers and crypto to compare prices, updates about brokers, new functionalities, partnerships, competitions with prizes, broker of the month etc. There is yet no intention, to blog or post/copy other news as we would just be another one in the crypto-pond. Still, are you an ambitious writer with some spare time and in for the fame? Then maybe you are the one that could share your enthusiasm and crypto knowledge on our buzzfeed! Contact us by using the link below.

Together with the introduction of Buzz, we would like to celebrate with you all that our comparison list has grown from 99 to 140+ crypto! This is an amazing achievement as it made us one of the biggest crypto price comparators in the cryptosphere. A small grasp from the additions are Binance Coin (BNB), Enjin Coin (ENJ), BitTorrent (BTT) and Factom (FTC). Our unique one-page overview stays the same, but we are looking into the options to slim down the page.

If you have ideas, remarks, complains or just want to give us a thumbs up, please share it with us!

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By Jeroen   Modified 15/03/2019

Prefer all crypto's, with real-time prices and providers in one overview?