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Broker of the month update

Yes, CoinCompanions, we are back with the best deal ‘broker of the month’ announcement! In one week, beginning of April, we’ll announce the winner for March. Let’s see what the past brought us.

We started to announce the best deal broker in November 2018, where Coinmerce was victorious with the best crypto deals for that month.
Eventually, they got away with December and January as well. Unfortunately, due to maintaince and updates we weren’t able to extract the data to announce the best broker for February.

We determine the winner based on the following criteria:

  1. Two snapshots per day of all best deals from our homepage. ‘Timing not shared as brokers could influence the price for that timing’.
  2. The broker that comes forward the most, which includes buy and sell prices we extract from the API’s from the brokers, cumulated per month will be the winner.
  3. The prices do not include any form of Tier level or VIP discounts.
  4. The determination is fully independent and not influenced by any form commercial activities.

If you have questions or remarks, regarding the above criteria, please contact us at

Broker of the month at CoinCompare

Who will win the prestige trophy this month?

By Jeroen   Modified 02/04/2019

Prefer all crypto's, with real-time prices and providers in one overview?