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CoinCompare, Throwback and Crypto broker of December

To be begin with, we wish all you crypto enthusiasts, fans, believers, supporters, traders, hodlers, baghodlers and nocoiners a happy New Year! We hope you had a […]

CoinCompare, Bitladon app, Throwback, and…

They see us rollin’, hating… tryna catch.. well, we keep on riding that rollercoaster and it isn’t ending, at least not at CoinCompare. Source: Fibonacci retracement, […]

CoinCompare, Bitqist, Throwback, and…

CoinCompanions, you can’t say you did not enjoyed the rollercoaster ride of October. Price went down, and not much later it went up again. New to the […]

Cashcow, Bitvavo, CoinCompare, Throwback, and…

Goodbye Summer 2019, welcome Fall 2019. In this Buzz we throwback on what September brought us. Subjects as the Cashcow awards, Bitvavo news, CoinCompare, What happened summary, […]

LiteBit app, CoinCompare, Listings, Ups, Downs, and..

In this Buzz we recap a couple items from previous month. Subjects as the new LiteBit app, CoinCompare, Crypto listings, the top 5 ups and downs and […]

Libra, Coinmerce, CoinCompare, Listings and..

And again a month comes and goes! You could say time flies while you are enjoying rate fluctuations and the Libra roller coaster for example. In this […]

Bitcoin, Libra, Aircoins, CoinCompare, Listings and..

Bitcoin to the moon? So, June had to let us recover for a while. Not only the temperatures outside were going sky high and breaking records here […]

Best deal broker May

The best deal broker of the month is determined with the average of cumulating buy and sell prices of all the best deals that are shown on […]

1st birthday cryptoprices comparison site CoinCompare!

Eindhoven, May 2019 Cryptocurrencies and investing in it has become the new way of investing in recent years, but in which crypto should you invest? And what’s […]

Listings and best deal broker April

Crypto listings CoinCompare had it’s one year anniversary on the 30th of April and we successfully celebrated that with a €100,- crypto give away! Beside our anniversary, the […]

Best deal broker March

In our previous buzz item: “Broker of the month update“, we announced that we are back with the announcement of the best deal broker of the month. […]

Broker of the month update

Yes, CoinCompanions, we are back with the best deal ‘broker of the month’ announcement! In one week, beginning of April, we’ll announce the winner for March. Let’s see […]

Facebook competition and Stellar (XLM) updating logo

Hi CoinCompanions, another buzz to keep you up to date on what is going on. Announcement. Two weeks ago we started a Facebook competition with the question: […]

Introducing Buzz and more…

Hi CoinCompanions, to keep you up to date with our announcements, news, feeds etc. we introduce Buzz. With Buzz we share on what we we’re working and […]

Prefer all crypto's, with real-time prices and providers in one overview?