Bitladon is a major player from Aalsmeer that was founded at the end of 2017 by Boyd Meuleman and Mitchel Zandwijken as an broker with an extensive portfolio of more than 163 crypto. This way, Bitladon is a one-stop-shop for your crypto! With their current portfolio they exceed the competition as Litebit, Anycoin Direct, Bitvavo and Knaken. on the other hand is a good alternative. Besides the possibility to buy crypto with Euro via iDEAL, it is also possible to trade bitcoin and altcoins for other crypto. As a result, they exceed the function as a broker and operate as an exchange.

Next to that, Bitladon also offers stable coins with 3% interest. Stable coins are crypto that are linked to fiat. These stable coins are TetherUSD, TrueUSD, Paxos Standard & Dai.

Bitladon recently launched their mobile app! Now you can trade crypto everywhere!

Verification & Limits

Before you can start trading, you have to set up an account.  Your weekly limit after e-mail verification is € 100. However, this only counts for buying and selling crypto with euro’s. You can trade crypto for crypto without a limit.

After verifying your bank account, your limit will increase to € 1,500. Verification of your bank account is done by transferring € 0.10 to Bitladon.

Are you enthusiastic and do you want a higher limit? Verify your identity by sending a copy of your proof of identification to Bitladon. Your limit will be raised to € 15,000 per week.

Want to start trading like a whale ? Contact Bitladon for a higher limit.

Money can be deposited via iDEAL, Sofort, Bancontact & GiroPay. The minimum amount for depositing fiat onto your account is € 10. Do you already own cryptocurrency? There is also the possibility to send these to your Bitladon wallet!

Costs and prices

Opening an account with Bitladon is free. Depositing fiat into your account could come with some costs. Paying with iDEAL and investing less than € 1,000? Then you pay € 1. Investing above € 1,000 is free.

Bitladon will base their fee based on your account. The more you trade, the less you pay! There is a standard fee of about 2%. If you trade more, you can rise on the VIP ladder. You can go as far up as level 9, which comes with a discount of upto 1,75% on the fee. The marges are included in the prices that are shown on Bitladon. What you see is what you buy!

Are you trading crypto to crypto? Then you will only pay half of the fee. This means that, if you were to reach VIP level 9, your fee is lowered to 0,25%. If you then trade crypto to crypto, your fee will only be 0,125%!

Do you want to transfer crypto from another wallet? Bitladon will not charge you for this.Do you want to transfer crypto from your Bitladon wallet to another wallet? Then various prices apply. However, these costs are not for Bitladon but in order to make the transfer process faster.

A margin of 0,1% is always applied on stable coins.

Prices shown on Bitladon are with spread and the fee.
Prices shown on CoinCompare are with the spread and fee.

Trade crypto directly?

Are you looking to trade with a great variety of crypto’s? Do you want to be able to save all your crypto in one place? Than Bitladon might just be the perfect match for you! Try it out yourself! Yellow orange emoji star


Wallet support

Bitladon offers you the freedom to save your purchases in their online wallet or send your purchased crypto’s to your own wallet. The wallet gives a clear overview of the current values of your crypto and how many you own. If you want to trade fast with your crypto, it is wise to keep them in the Bitladon wallet. If you want to HODL, it is advised to transfer your crypto to a hardware wallet.

Security measurements

Bitladon offers the following measurements to keep your account, personal details and crypto saved in your wallet safe.

  • SSL certificate. This is the ‘lock’ in the adress bar. Be aware! ❗️ If you only see the lock, this wil not be enough. The name ‘Coin Meester B.V. (NL)’ has to be shown next to the lock.
  • 2FA. Two factor authentication using e-mail or Google Authenticator.
  • In the event of someone trying to log in through an unknown device or location, Bitladon will send you an email to verify your identity.

Next to that, Bitladon saves 95% of its usercredit in a so called ‘cold storage’. This means the money is stored offline. In the event that Bitladon gets hacked, only 5% of the usercredit will be lost. This loss can be handled by Bitladon, which means that the customer will not loose anything.


With the any-to-any system that Bitladon offers, Bitladon has grown from currency exchange to a real exchange. Of course, Bitladon still buys crypto from other exchanges. Which exchanges exactly is not known.

Language support

The website of Bitladon is offered in Dutch, English, French, Spanish & Polish. The customer support is offered in Dutch and English. In the Netherlands, Bitladon is called Bitcoin Meester!

At the moment, Bitladon only operates in Europe. If you have a European bank account and a European nationality, you are very welcome to open an account!

By Jeroen   Modified 27/01/2020

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